Viktor Lorentz

Ageing monster hunter


Viktor is now in his early 50’s and is slowly accepting the fact he’s not a young man any more.
His appearance is always neat and dresses in practical clothing always wearing at least one weapon.
He has dedicated his life to fighting monsters and with the increase in horrors he has got creative.
Viktor has started Eisen’s first ever monster tourism company and charges the wealthy of other nations a fortune to hunt down and kill the creatures that plague his home.


Welcome to Eisen my friends.
You seek glory, you seek honour and the greatest of trophies.
I can direct you to all of it but I promise nothing.
Oh I will take you to the most deadly creatures you’ve ever seen, your money guarantees that.
Your survival however is entirely down to you.

Now what will it be?
In 2 days we could be in the hunting grounds of the vicious Siren Eater or perhaps you seek a truly harrowing force to overcome?

Viktor Lorentz

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