All is lost. I failed. They all died.
These people are in danger.
I cannot fail again.

Monster hunter

The rest of Theah sees our home as a broken wasteland.
Our land is scarred but not broken. Years of brutal conflict has unleashed horrors upon our people.
These horrors I will face head on.

Eisen Displaced Noble

My family name once meant something. Thirty years of constant war has a way changing borders. My family and our once proud name were on the wrong side of history. So well trained and markless I now plan to make my own name.

Highland sea dog

Being press ganged taught many lessons. How to sail, how to shoot, how to take a beating and how to hate authority. When the pirates came I took my chance and haven’t looked back.

Captain Badger Beard

A name was needed that would strike fear into the prize ships. Get them to surrender without a fight.
The flag was beginning to get some renown but captain Benji wasn’t striking terror into any hearts.

Vesten Skald

My ancestors were warlords who raided across the known world.
Now my people pillage nations without spilling a drop of blood.
I know the names of the greatest of our ancestors they let me borrow their power as long as I respect it.
I can respect their power and still profit from it.

Innish Brawler

Drinking games are amongst the most noble ways a man can waste his time.
It however is very important to understand all of the rules fully and make sure that all of the participants are human.

Montaigne dispossessed noble ambassador spy (Ambrose Bouchard du Paix)

I was born to a noble line the only son of a marquis, a title that was supposed to be mine one day.
My father cared little for our lands or the people in it and worked them to the point of ruin to fund his increasingly opulent lifestyle. When the funds ran out he borrowed and gambled more. When the debtors came he sold off our estates piece by piece.
I thank Theus that my sister was married off while our family name still meant something.
I always had the best teachers available more to help my father brag about his spending than any concern of my education.
Now the land and title of my birthright is gone and I am noble in name only.

What else was I going to do?


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