The Sir Gregory

The ship is named for the legend of one of the worst and most accidentally successful privateers in history.

Jenson Gregory was a minor Avalonian noble who inherited very little bar a small sloop and decided to be a gentleman adventurer.

On his first voyage due to his bad navigation the sloop was beached and the crew discovered a syrne site rich with artefacts.

He used he wealth from the discovery to buy a freighter. Due to a navigation error they wandered into a Castilian gold ship being escorted by a man of war.
Gregory went to his cannons himself and ordered all shots to be fired at the sails. With little understanding of how cannons really worked none of the shots went anywhere near the sails. With most of the shots falling short of the man of war entirely.
One shot however bounced. It bounced and went through a porthole. This somehow led to the powder room igniting and the man of war exploding.
The gold ship immediately surrendered.
When he returned home he was knighted and allowed into the Queens court. “A man that blessed by the Sidhe is an ally worth having.”

All through Avalon the name Sir Gregory is associated with blind luck.

The Sir Gregory

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