Rushed Notes

The room is empty. There are however words clumsily carved into the wall.

This is all that is legible.

What feeds upon the Siren Eater?
The Ungovernables.
Sidhe Reclamation. Can anything stop them?
War of the Prophets. One false or both?
Rise of the sunken city. Best left Buried.
Open walkway. The Unseeable free.
Nation of Horrors. Eisen Falls.
Cult of Hecteba. Sails Burn.
Great Hunt. The last chance?
Can faith be so great that belief becomes real? Can doubt be so true that magic dies?
Unborn Drachen. Should the great egg hatch?
Crown of Tarn. Not in Inismore!
King of the Fallen. If he doesn’t rise will they crumble?
The Silver Beast. I should not have used its power.
One final bargain.
Hexensammler. What are they building?
Sail the Spooky bitch. Find her true name.
The Last Adventurer. End his long rest.
Clockwork Heart
Seven shattered mirrors. Why did I have to see this?

I ran why did I run they could be the heroes to save us all they could turn on me if they learn the truth
too much risk cant fall in to wrong hands again must stay ahead of him at all costs.

Rushed Notes

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